To view rules for playing Knockout in the classroom, click here. To view rules for playing Knockout at home, click here.

No. You can use an iPad, TV, or computer to play at home. To play in the classroom, you need an area on which to project the screen.

No, all answers are called out orally or written on a small dry erase whiteboard.

Move on to the next slide for a “tiebreaker.”

All of the games hosted on this site only require an internet connection. No other programs are needed.

If you are playing at school, please check with your technical support to make sure that and are put on the approved site list.

  • Internet connection
  • Updated browser (Chrome or Safari are recommended)
  • Security settings that do not block Knockout Learning or Vimeo from opening. Check out a free game here if you want to test it out first, or ask your school before purchasing.
  • If playing with a class, a large screen is preferred–either an Apple TV, a blank wall space that can be used for projection area, or an interactive whiteboard.
  • The AUTO option is an embedded Vimeo video that will switch the slide every 7 seconds. This works if you do not want to have to click through.
  • The CLICK option will allow you to operate an embedded PowerPoint presentation without having to download any files or leave the Knockout Learning site. This option is good if you prefer to play at your own pace.


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